For various sawing operations, such as extraction from a quarry, cutting on a stationary machine, profiling of stone and multiwire sawing, beads are used in the form of a full wire. However, for ease of transportation and, in some cases, because of the necessity of reassembling the full wire, there is now a demand for loose beads. We at Stay Sharp manufacture loose beads for all of the aforementioned operations.

Most of our beads are manufactured using the free sintering process. Our expertise in Powder Metallurgy has enabled us to make a variety of bonds suitable for different applications. Our bonds, which are self brazing are made such that they do not require subsequent brazing after free sintering. This enables us to offer high quality products at very competitive rates.

Granite Multiwire
Granite Quarry Wire
Granite Stationary Wire
Marble Quarry Wire

Product range

Marble Quarry Wire Granite Quarry Wire Granite Stationary Wire Granite Profiling Wire Granite Multiwire
Bead Outer Dia. 11.5mm 11.5mm 11.5mm 8.3mm 6.3~7.3mm
Bead Inner Dia. 8.0mm 8.0mm 8.0mm 5.8mm 4.5~5mm
Diamond Length 6.5~7mm 6.5~7mm 6~6.5mm 6.5~7mm 6.5~7mm
Threaded No Yes Yes Yes Yes
*We also supply customized beads on request