Grinding & Polishing


Concrete, when it is laid, has a slightly rough and uneven finish. This uneven structure and the pores on the surface tend to collect dust and are thus unsuitable for the working environment.

To create a dust-free working environment, any one of following two procedures can be applied.

1) The floor is leveled with the help of concrete-grinding tools. The dust that is generated is completely removed by washing. The result is a leveled concrete floor with a slightly rough finish. This is ready for epoxy or polyurethane coating. Generally a coating of about 2 mm of epoxy is then applied. This lends it a smooth finish and keeps it dust free.

Stay Sharp supplies the tools used for the initial grinding and leveling of concrete to prepare it for the epoxy coating.

This epoxy coating has a life of 4–5years. After this period, the epoxy coating needs to be replaced with a fresh coat.

Stay Sharp makes the tools for the removal of the epoxy and preparing it for a fresh coat.The nature of this tool is quite different from that of the tool that is used for the initial grinding.

2) An alternative to using epoxy is grinding and polishing the concrete surface to make it dust and pore free, giving it an aesthetically appealing look.

In the first three or four stages, the concrete is ground using metal bond diamond tools, which get progressively finer.

After cleaning the surface, the concrete is treated with a hardener containing lithium silicate.This fills up the pores and hardens the concrete.

The next step is to polish this surface with resin-bonded diamond tools till the desired finish is obtained. The resulting surface is dust free, hard and aesthetically pleasing.

Stay Sharp makes the tools required both for the initial grinding and for the final polishing of concrete.