Core Drills

Concrete core drilling is the process of drilling round holes through walls, floors and other concrete structures. A core drill is the most commonly used diamond tool in the construction industry to create holes for pipes and other large penetrations. They are also used in mineral explorations for studying and analyzing rocks, structures and strata.

Salient features

  • •  Special segment shape to prevent wobbling in the initial stage of drilling
  • •  Excellent concentricity
  • •  Free cutting and high penetration rates
  • •  Protection against segments loss during use by brazing the segments into the notched circumference of the core drill blank
  • •  Retipping of core drills undertaken

Product range

Core Drill Dia. Segment length Segment width
25~400mm 15~24mm 3.0~5.0mm

Notes: Standard length: 450 mm; Connector type: 1 14” UNC; Other connector types and non-standard lengths available on request.