Circular Saw Blades


Cured Concrete

Cured concrete saws are used in the demolition of old structures as well as during construction work in a new building for floor cutting, creating openings in walls and similar applications. They are also used during the construction of bridges and airports.

There are several factors that affect the type of saw to be used in a particular situation. These are typically related to the nature of the concrete, the diameter and number of reinforcements, the nature of the aggregate and the composition and compaction of the concrete. Another factor which plays a role is the type of the machine being used. Stay Sharp offers both wet cutting floor saws and wall saws for the aforementioned jobs.

Salient features

  • •  Segment designed to achieve high cutting rate by taking all the aforementioned factors into consideration.
  • •  Straight cutting with the help of sandwich segments. The segments retain their shape till the end thus improving their utilization.

Green Concrete and Asphalt

Once concrete is laid, expansion joints have to be cut before it hardens. This is very common on large industrial floors and for concrete roads. It is necessary to cut expansion joints to prevent uneven crack formation in the concrete during curing.

Salient features

  • •  Segment designed taking into consideration the highly abrasive nature of green concrete or asphalt and also the nature of aggregate used.
  • •  Clean cutting edges
  • •  Fast and economical cutting
Cured Concrete Asphalt/Green Concrete Wall Saws
Diameter range 350~800mm 350~600mm 600~1,200mm
Cutting width 3.2~6.0mm 3.2~5.5mm 4.5mm