About us

stay sharp

Stay Sharp Diamond Tools started as a small company manufacturing gang saw segments and circular saws using the infiltration process in 1980. Since then, we have witnessed significant growth while keeping abreast of the changes and growth in technology.

As a result, we now have facilities for manufacturing segments and beads using the hot press and the free sintering methods. Our range of products has increased from gang saws and circular saws to include wire saws and grinding and polishing tools, including resin-bonded polishing tools. We also manufacture a wide range of tools for the construction industry.

Stay Sharp uses state-of-the-art production techniques that result in improvement in quality along with an increase in productivity, thereby lowering costs. Moreover, Stay Sharp makes its own proprietary pre-alloyed bonds to suit different applications. Needless to say, this allows us to offer high-quality tools at very reasonable rates.

Keeping in mind the similarities in tools used in construction and stone industries, along with the fact that the demand for construction tools is on the rise in India, Stay Sharp decided to enter the field of construction tools five years back to cater to the domestic market. Since then, we have created a separate division for construction tools, and with insight gained in the initial period, we now offer a wide range of construction tools for both the domestic and the international market.